Rujjira and Jerry’s Wedding – Menlo Park Presbyterian and Hong Kong East Ocean Restaurant

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The day started as chaotic as they come.  An early morning rain with clouds looming, everyone frantic trying to get ready for the ceremony, and about a million things moving around trying to all come together to form Rujjira and Jerry’s wedding day.  As crazy as it always seems, things come together and work out in the end. 

As we always try to capture the day with our photographs our team split up this time.  One to capture the bride, the other the groom for preperation.  Hair, makeup, dresses for the girls and well for the guys, they tried to throw Jerry off the second floor (yes we do have pictures! ) but it was all in fun.

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Lisa and Aaron’s Wedding at Bella Montagna San Jose California

The day actually started  for Aaron as he and his groomsmen got prepared at the San Jose Hilton.   Aaron had one kick ass suite there and was a great scene for the boys to prep up.  As all that was happening, Lisa was getting prepped and done up at the salon thats located on site at Bella Montagna in San Jose.   Bella Montagna was the site for both the wedding ceremony and the reception.  This was a completely outdoor wedding and with the beautiful weather we had yesterday and the city backdrop it made photography easy and beautiful.

I met with Aaron and Lisa months ago and after meeting them I realized they both had a great sense of humor.  Im glad they selected me as their wedding photographer cause I really had a blast working with them.

From, funny moments we all shared to the beautiful sunset and the touching speeches from that night, everything was in line for a fantastic wedding, two of the bridesmaids even performed a song.    Thanks and congrats to both of you two.  Here are some highlights.

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