Rujjira and Jerry’s Wedding – Menlo Park Presbyterian and Hong Kong East Ocean Restaurant

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The day started as chaotic as they come.  An early morning rain with clouds looming, everyone frantic trying to get ready for the ceremony, and about a million things moving around trying to all come together to form Rujjira and Jerry’s wedding day.  As crazy as it always seems, things come together and work out in the end. 

As we always try to capture the day with our photographs our team split up this time.  One to capture the bride, the other the groom for preperation.  Hair, makeup, dresses for the girls and well for the guys, they tried to throw Jerry off the second floor (yes we do have pictures! ) but it was all in fun.

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Cherise and Sid Engagement Photos – Legion of Honor, Presidio and more

Ok, yeah its been a busy weekend.   Cherise started off saying she was going to need direction in their shoot, but all I did was let them loose and they did what came natural.

We started off the shoot at the Legion of Honor and then moved on from there.  The Legion of Honor is a great place for both engagement and wedding photography as it has classy lines and beautiful columns to work with.

Both of them were very fun and spontaneous.  There was even one point at Bakers Beach where Sid asked Cherise should we go out onto the rocks for pictures.  Next thing you know Cherise takes off into the retracting tide and runs toward the rocks.  It actually turned out to be an awesome picture of them running off into the sunset.

Here are the highlights!  Enjoy.

Running off into the sunset!

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