Annie and Chance – A Wedding Shoot Around San Francisco

This is something we dont always get to do, mostly because a wedding day can be so hectic!  Everything is always on some kind of schedule and people are always rushing from one thing to the next.  With Annie and Chance we got the chance to actually go around the city to shoot their wedding pictures for a couple hours!  Plus it was a beautiful day to boot!

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Maricel and Sammar – Engagement Photos Yerba Buena Gardens San Francisco

After so many beach shoots in the past few weeks I decided to do something different here.   After talking to Maricel and Sammar I think we wanted something causual but a bit more modern setting.  So we both decided on Yerba Buena Gardens in downtown San Francisco.  There are many little gems in the area and even a waterfall with a splash zone!   We also got to show off Sammars new Jordans!

Pictures can be unnerving sometimes and Maricel felt a bit awkward and had a case of the giggles.  This is a way engagement photos help us and our clients connect.  We learn how to work and make them feel easier so pictures come more natural.  We were finally able to get Maricel to a comfortable place and off we went.  We definitely got some great Yerba Buena engagement photos in.  To read more about engagement photos check out my link here

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You can find Maricel and Sammar’s wedding day photos by following this link.

Cherise and Sid Engagement Photos – Legion of Honor, Presidio and more

Ok, yeah its been a busy weekend.   Cherise started off saying she was going to need direction in their shoot, but all I did was let them loose and they did what came natural.

We started off the shoot at the Legion of Honor and then moved on from there.  The Legion of Honor is a great place for both engagement and wedding photography as it has classy lines and beautiful columns to work with.

Both of them were very fun and spontaneous.  There was even one point at Bakers Beach where Sid asked Cherise should we go out onto the rocks for pictures.  Next thing you know Cherise takes off into the retracting tide and runs toward the rocks.  It actually turned out to be an awesome picture of them running off into the sunset.

Here are the highlights!  Enjoy.

Running off into the sunset!

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