Wedding Photography Style I Want Photojournalism Right?

The first thing everyone always gets sucked into are these buzz words like photography style, and photojournalism.  Whats that really mean to you and why do you care?  Lets explore that a bit.

Below are examples of some of the most common ‘styles’ of wedding photography.

Wedding Photojournalism:

Wedding Photojournalism has become a the most popular style of wedding photography and its really just candid photographs covering the events of the entire day. This really stems from traditional photojournalism of the likes of news papers and such, by telling a story in a picture or pictures.  Its appealing to couples that require a series of unique photographs designed to “tell a story” or narrate the wedding day. The negative aspects wedding photojournalism is that there is usually no pre-planned or posed shots, only the shots that the photographer records as events happen.  As a result, you only get photos of what happens and that sometimes can be unpredictable. Inexperienced shooters may not have a talent to compose that story or have the technical skill to capture events as fast as they are happening .  A huge drawback of wedding photojournalism is that some couples often later regret not opting for more traditional, posed portraits in their wedding album.

Traditional Wedding Photography style or Portrait Photography:

This is known sometimes as a ‘timeless style’. The is usually composed as a style that is posed or ‘set up’ look to photographs captured by the photographer. There are benefits of taking this approach as that traditional wedding photographers tend to follow a ‘shot list.  ‘ This means is that specific poses are photographed as part the photographers routine.  The disadvantage is, as the traditional wedding photographer photographer is like photography director or to some as a “wedding official” and directs the wedding party and guests according to a check list. The Traditional style of wedding photography is time consuming but you typically get some pretty awesome photographs. The major draw back is the bride and groom end up spending less time with guests and more time stationary in front of a camera. The completed wedding photography is very visually pleasing and great for albums but sometimes lacks character from the people.

Illustrative wedding photography:

The illustrative style wedding photographers, is an approach by using subjects in settings of interesting composition and backgrounds. Good use lighting is said to be a trait of the style of wedding photography. The photographer provides direction and the couple together with their bridal party are encouraged to interact.  This creates a more natural and spontaneous feel. Unlike the wedding photojournalism style, illustrative is said to bring out the more wedding photographer’s ‘artistic’ creative and compositional skills rather than simply capturing a series of moments.

So what style is Moy Photography?

Our style has evolved to take elements from each approach.  There are just certain aspects we cannot control as the wedding day unfolds and we have to use our photojournalism skills to capture the moment.   Then there are moments typically after the ceremony where we pose and use the illustrative style to do our portrait sessions.  In some weddings we might go with the traditional styles for classic photos of family and guests.  Bottom line what you get are great photographs to treasure these moments by.

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