Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are included with all packages, please see the pricing section for more detail regarding that.

Who needs engagement photos and why?

There are a ton of reasons why you would get engagement photos.  Lets say for example you just got engaged.  Great!  You need invitations or save the date cards right?  What better than to have a great professional photograph of you two so people know who both of you are in the case they’ve never met your significant other.

At the reception you may want a portrait displayed of you two, this could be a great opportunity to have one blown up and have your guests sign it.  That way you can have a beautiful picture of you two with everyone’s touch on it as a keep sake.

Some of my packages include slide shows, we definitely could use some fresh new georgous photos for that as well.  Dont have them all be the same old hand held camera files you’ve had for years!  Amaze and dazzle your guests!

Plus engagement photos allow us to show more than one aspect than just a happy couple photo.  Let us put some emotion and detail into it.  Years down the line it will be great to have such beautiful memories held in a photo.

From a relationship aspect between you and us, this allows us to get to know each other and work together.  We can use this time to get some awesome photos but also gets us a great idea of the type of pictures you like.  What poses, backgrounds and angles you like.  Come wedding day we know what you’re looking for and we can focus on that.

I want engagement photos!  What do I need to do?

If you havent booked us for your wedding then thats the first thing you need to do!  If you already have what are the next steps you might ask?

Book a date with us and check the availability.  Depend on your needs you might need to do it asap or before the wedding.  Our recommendation is at the very least 2 months before.  This gives us time to work on the photos afterward and order prints or blow ups as needed.

Ok I’ve booked a date.. now what?

We will be working with you to see what kind of setting you would like.  Take a look through the engagement section of my website to get some ideas of what you might like.  If you don’t know then tell us, and we’ll work with you and decide on some good places to shoot.

I know where I want my engagement photos to be!  So do I just show up on the date? What time are we shooting?

Depending on what package you booked we might be taking an entire afternoon or it might be a quick shoot.  Typically the best times to shoot is early evening/late afternoon when the sun is a golden color and doesnt cast harsh shadows.  That changes depending on time of the year but usually from 5pm – 8pm.

So t-shirt and jeans is ok?  If not what should I wear?

What we wear is relatively important.  Think about how you want to look or how you want other people to perceive you.  Also wear what you think is appropriate for the occasion.  If we shoot on a beach, a suit probably isnt the best thing, but t-shirt and jeans with some sandles might actually be a good fit.  For longer shoots I tell my clients to bring changes of clothing.  It makes adds more dynamic as we shoot different locations.

Great, so how much is this going to cost?

Engagement photos cost nothing extra.  There is no seperate charge for coming out.  We basically go by how many hours you booked in your package.  Lets say you get 10 hours and we spend 2 on engagement photos.  8 is left for your wedding day.  How long is entirely up to you.  A good engagement photo session runs 2-3 hours but we can shoot one location in as little as 1 hour.

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