Albums come bundled with select wedding packages, but you can also order them outright even after the wedding.  I have many options to choose from.  They basically start at 3 different albums types.  All albums start with 10 pages (20 sides).  Each of the albums start at a 10×10 size but can be upgraded to the following sizes as well.  Metalic inks are available at additional cost.


Entry Level: $200

 Entry Level albums have the standard pages.  They can be either a hard cover or have leather cover option.  Images can be put on the hard cover at an additional cost of $40.

Silver level: $300

The silver level albums have the hinged/lay flat albums.  These are the best for panoramic albums and have a wonderful look.  These are the most popular albums available due to its design and price.

Platinum Level: $500

Platinum level albums have the highest quality pages as each page is 1/16th inches thick in order to protect the pages from accidental ripping and are also designed to last much longer than the other albums.  There are also many options available for the platinum albums for covers.


All albums have selectable album covers and can also be embossed.  Custom embossing starts at $10.

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