Connie and Henry’s Wedding – Palo Alto Hills Golf Club

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Rain or shine this wedding was going to happen or not!  Good thing it was shine for Connie and Henry’s wedding.   Months of planning and detail went into this wedding and it was a beautiful site when it all came together.  The wedding and reception were both at the Palo Alto Hills Golf Club, in the secluded part of Palo Alto, Ca. 

It was a very animated wedding party as they had prepared games and heart felt speeches for the bride and groom.  Not to mention there was an open bar which eventually led to Henry asking me to finish his bowl of vodka (yes bowl..) in which I had to respectfully decline =).

Fun stuff!  Anywhos.. here are the highlights from the wedding..

Also if you didnt see them here are their engagement photos.



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  1. The blue sky and clouds are amazing! Also the black and white photo of the dance. Excellent!

    Comment by Andrew Emmons — October 20, 2009 @ 10:50 am

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