Rosie and Mark Engagement Photoshoot – Pier 9 San Francisco and Bakers Beach San Francisco, Ca

There arent a whole lot of  days in San Francisco where it doesnt melt and turn foggy come 6pm.  Good thing for Mark and Rosie this weekend as we shot their engagement photos.  Rosie loves piers and sunsets so I chose two great locations for them and I loved this set we did.  In talking with Rosie she wanted some landmarks that were distinctly San Francisco.  It doesnt get anymore distinct with the golden gate bridge in the back and the Transamerica pyramid.  It was alot of fun to work with them and even though we had to wait in line to use scenery this weekend (there were at least 6 other San Francisco photographers out there!) and we got some great photos.  Here are some highlights, I hope you two love them!

Todd and Rosie, Morcom Rose Garden Oakland California

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Todd and Rosie had a nice quaint ceremony over at the Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland on June 6th 2009.  This was the first time shooting here for me and it was quite a surprise.  The area is situated in a residential zone then all of a sudden out of no where is this beautiful garden with a fountains and ponds.  Only close friends and family were witness of this ceremony and it sure was beautiful.  They followed up the next day with a Hawaiian themed celebration for their friends and family.  They even had Tahaitian dancers!

At one point I shared with Rosie some pictures from the ceremony.  Tears of joy came out as she saw the pictures, and I was honestly touched by that.  Thank you Todd and Rosie.

Here are some highlights.

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Michelle and Cromwell – Bridges Golf Club, San Ramon California

Michelle and Cromwell were definitely a fun couple with a great sense of humor.  You probably couldnt tell in this set but I did leave a couple of funny moments in here.  Wedding planning is such a stressful thing to do and all to be brides know that!  There is always a short on time for us but we finally got a couple here that gave us a good chunk of time to get photos done. We were able to get out to the waterfall out by Bollinger Canyon road.  Lucky for us it was only down the street from Bridges Golf Club in San Ramon so travel time wasnt an issue.

The day was a real challenge though.  You cant tell in the picutres but the wind was blowing 20-30mph!  It blew so hard that my 2nd photographer and my assistant had to hold the equipment down!  Regardless though Michelle and Cromwell, we had a great day and  fabulous pictures.  Thank you both for being so much fun to work with.  Enjoy this set, there will be more to come!

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